Wall Panels

Transform your basic walls into beautiful focal points with stunning wall panels. Decorative wall panels bring a bold artistic element to any space. Wall panels generate dimension, texture, and create visual interest. Our collection of modern wall panels features a large selection of creative materials, textures, colors, and patterns. Create an extraordinary space with faux leather wall panels, or architectural metal panels, or sculpt your walls with fluid geometrical wood panels.

Wood Panels

Quality wood wall panels vary in design from sculpted geometric wood panels to rustic reclaimed wood panels. Sculped wood panels of fluid texture create drama, awe, and visual excitement. Worn reclaimed wood panels create a warm cozy ambience in your space.


Metal wall panels create an edgy modern vibe. Decorative metal wall panels make an impressive statement with their ability to impart texture, movement, depth, and dimension. Our selection of metal wall panels features various textures, colors, and finishes.

Upholstered Panels

Fabric upholstered wall panels create the feeling of luxury and elegance in any space. Create a unique focal point in your space with a geometrical upholstered 3D wall design. Design a luxurious one of a kind modern oversized headboard with upholstered wall panels.

Acrylic Panels

Acrylic wall panels produce a sleek contemporary wall design. Acrylic wall panel designs vary from clean sleek to visual inspiring organic interlayers.


Faux Leather

Wall tiles impart richness, texture, and dimension. With various grains and textures, faux leather wall panels create a 3D wall design that elevates an interior design. Create a sophisticated environment in your space with faux leather wall tiles.


Acoustical Panels

Decorative acoustical wall panels provide sound absorption or diffusion, and visual appeal. Acoustical wall panels reduce the noise level in a busy room by absorbing sounds and allow for better speech intelligibility. Stylish with various colors and designs, acoustical wall panels reduce an echo in a spacious area and absorb the sounds of a noisy hallway.

Concrete Cladding

Ultra-modern chic, concrete cladding creates a modern minimalistic vibe. Light weight concrete wall cladding enables you to achieve a unique concrete wall design without the headache of foundation or structural modifications.

These are only a few examples of our selection of modern wall panels. Visit our office to experience these 3-dimensional panels and browse our selection of creative wallcovering products. Let’s create your extraordinary wall design today. 

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