It is time to give new life to your walls with modern wallpaper or wallcovering. To add dynamic energy to your space, a textured wallcovering or modern geometric pattern wallpaper will add dimension to any area.

Vinyl Wallpaper

One of the most popular wallcovering, present day vinyl wallpaper is an innovative product that allows for complex textures and patterns. This wallcovering is highly durable and abrasion resistant.

Vinyl wallpaper consists of a backing layer made from paper or fabric which is laminated to a solid decorative finish.

High quality vinyl wallpaper features advance embossing technology that allows for depth in texture and variety of patterns for visual interest.

Naturals Wallpaper


Harvested from renewable plants and grasses, this wallcovering comes in a variety of textures from refined fibrous to course irregular weaves.


Wood veneers feature a variety of grains and colors. Natural wood veneer wallcovering are reconstructed from domestic and exotic wood species. Engineered wood veneer wallcovering are a sustainable alternative and mirror the grains and colors of natural wood species.


Beautiful and sustainable, cork wallcovering products have distinctive patterns and natural colorways.  These wallcovering products are naturally mildew and rot resistant


Highly reflective wallcovering made from crushed silicate mineral and mica particles.

Natural Textiles

Natural textiles are premium quality wallcovering products made from linen, silk, felt, or cotton. These luxurious wallcovering are breathable and durable.  The natural fibers in these premium products provide a depth to a space and elevate any interior design.

These wallcovering feature rich color pallets, luxurious shimmering threats, reflective yarns, and sophisticated waves.


The strongest natural fiber and rapidly renewable natural product, linen wallcovering feature reflective yarns and rich color palettes. Quality linen wallcovering products possess anti-allergic, ant-static properties and are breathable and resistant to microbial growth.


One of the most luxurious and richly colored wallcovering products, natural silk fibers wondrously refract light which makes it shimmer in different angles.

High Performance Textiles

High performance textiles are blend of natural and synthetic fibers which makes this wallcovering highly durable, abrasion resistant, and stain resistant. This product is the best approach for high traffic areas. This is an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl as it is manufactured to form a lightweight PVC alternative.

These are only a few examples of our selection of modern wallpaper designs. Visit our office to experience these modern wallpaper products and browse our selection of creative wallcovering products.

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